The Rabbi, The Gangster….and the Surgeon

Are you struggling with the concept of making money? Do you feel as if the online propaganda is all about money? While you would like to make money, you are exhausted and confused with it all. More importantly, you are overly cautious and examining your motives, constantly because you don’t want to just focus on the money. So, you stall and stop and fret about it all.

You can be rich too.

In trying to figure out what type of business I want to build, it has become clear that there is a need to consider how and what will make money. This is tough. This feels like a battle between integrity and having to be an apathetic emotional sniper.

I’m not used to being the sniper, I am used to getting sniped.

In being the “snipee” or target of my favorite brands and products, I have a unique perspective on how I am being targeted. I subscribe to online entrepreneurs, specifically people whose platform is about motivation, leadership, online business strategies and information products.

I went into my email one day and noticed that I was being sold something by them all. Even if it was something at no cost to me, I was being told to click a link. Eventually, I would be sold on something at some point.

I started unsubscribing like a mad woman. Being targeted is exhausting. I didn’t want to buy anything, read anything, click this or tap that.

It got me to thinking, “Do I want to be THIS person running this type of business?” My programs, blogs and media would soon be in the inbox, urging subscribers to “enroll here”, “sign up for this” or accept my apologies…” Sorry, I Only Have 5 Spots Left”. You’ve seen these headlines. They are what they are, right?

So again, would I have to become this, what I am seeing in my inbox, to create impact? Who do I have to be? I’m ME and that’s not really me. However, “me” is a ball of career frustration and various scarcity mindsets.

I guess that I am questioning “the system.” There is a proven system that someone created where if you want to be an information trafficker, you must follow. You sell what you know via blogs, PDFs, podcasts, websites, and now, social media. You word it right. You create funnels. You build courses. You make money. You really make money. That’s the business. Is this the business model and type for me?

I guess that I am also questioning the people, the online entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, and podcasters. How do you know if they truly care about their clients and customers? You don’t. It’s all delivered the same.

The difference is personal experience. Are you getting actual results from the information that you consume from the people that you invest in?

Would you be able to help people get results after learning from this person?

Bottom-line, was it worth it for you?

So the point that I am getting at here…when first starting out, you are told not to focus on the money (but you are broke or working some job that you just don’t want)….then you are told to focus on money. All the tips, tools and strategies are to convert, convert, convert.

So what’s the solution here?

Be The Rabbi and the Gangster.

You have to be both: motivated to get people results and motivated to create revenue streams so that you are not living under a bridge. Below is a quote from the movie, “Lucky Number Slevin.” It’s a dope movie and if you like cult favorites like, “Fight Club” and “Boiler Room”, you will salivate over this one.

Anyway, the quote below is the character Slevin asking the Rabbi how he could be both,  a Rabbi and a Gangster…..

Kind of like a rabbi who’d rather be a gangster or a gangster who’d rather be a rabbi? I mean, what is that, some kind of ‘grass is greener on the other side of the fence’…thing? I mean, how do you justify being a rabbi and a gangster?

The Rabbi:
[pauses, slides tea tray aside] I don’t. I am a bad man who doesn’t waste time wondering what could have been when I am what could have been and could not have been. I live on both sides of the fence; the grass is always green. Consider, Mr. Fisher, there are two men sitting before you {the rabbi and the gangster}; one of them you should be very afraid of. Where is my money?

So how do you justify living in your purpose and turning a profit?

Be the Rabbi… err Gangster, of course. The entrepreneurial world is what it is… not what you want it to be. You are the entrepreneur that you are and the one you are not. The grass is always green (or brown).

Sometimes you will be wearing the hat of the person that is purely,  and only helping people for free where you are providing more value on the front end with no guarantees.

Then other times you will be an emotional sniper, the salesperson, and the business. You will cater to pain points and sell them a solution. You will have to be focused on your bottom line or you will be homeless.

You need to be both.

(Consider the brain surgeon. If I ever had to have brain surgery, I am going to be glad that this person spent 100 years in school and 3 million on student loans, so that I can live another day to see my children. Am I going to question his motives or snark at her 3-million-dollar doctor’s bill when it comes in the mail? Nope. I am going to offer up my first born and enroll in a payment plan. Why? Because I am glad that I am alive.)

So, if you have issues with thinking about the money and building a business with integrity….be the surgeon…Get good at what you do, get people results to the point where they are glad to be alive.

Maybe that is what your ego needs. You need to know that you are providing the best information or services, therefore qualifying you to ask people to part with their money.

Three points to leave here with:

  • No matter what you do or industry you are in, things are done a certain way. Learn to play the game before you try to change the way things are done. You must be a part to set yourself apart because, with experience, you will know how.
  • Be the Rabbi and The Gangster: don’t justify all that you are. You must be both or you won’t have success. You will end up with a hobby that makes no money, or a profitable business with no heart or real outreach.
  • Be The Surgeon: Get really good and getting people where they want to be so that the money is just a result of providing life-changing value.


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