Wantrepreneurs and Conflicting Values

First I would like to say that with wisdom and years of being a raggadey mess, I believe you can visually see what people value aka the “staples” of their value system.

People walk their walk…not their talk. Watch them. Watch yourself.

Look around your own life, what do you see? What do you do and how do you do it? Those are your values.

I know what I want to value….I just dont.

I want discipline to be of value to me….but I’m consistently operating in chaos.

I want self compassion and acceptance to be of value to me…but I find that choking the life out of the real me is what I ACTUALLY do…to the point of social awkwardness.

See how you think that you have certain values just because you want to have them….but you are living another set of values?

As you become more aware of what you do and how you are doing it (things you value the most), answer this…

What pisses you off?

I mean really grinds your noodle?!!!!!

Things that irritate and aggravate your existence naturally creates values for you.

For example, I hate it when someone is trying to feel me out…like watch me or position themselves so that I can see them…wants my attention but won’t conmand it.

Meaning that I value people who are straight shooters…they just come and say what they need or want.

To be fair though, my resting bitch face is vicious. I am in my head alot and people don’t know if they should snap me out of it….I get it. Plus, I have been trying to protect myself from everything, because I’ve always felt vulnerable…my face was my first line of defense, lol!!!!

So to honor my value, I have to tell my face that we’ve decided we are no longer always in “protect April” mode.

I’m a wantrepreneur, not for the lack of great ideas. I want to be an entrepreneur because I value autonomy. I want value the act of creating something from nothing. I want value controlling your own earning potential.

I must really  value the security of a “real” job. I must also believe in someone elses’ business goals more than my own because I work in their company. I must also value what they pay me.

What you VALUE is how you live your life today. If you don’t like your life, examine your values and see what’s really going on there. We generally spend time saying what sounds good and excited by ideals.

Just because you believe in something doesn’t mean its how you live your life. It may just be a beautiful thought or comfortable fantasy.

What if you told someone you aspire to be like, what you really did all day? You would have to cut the shit, eliminate excuses and just run a fact list, void of feelings and emotions because your feelings don’t matter in this context.

What have you done all day and who have you been today, not WHY, just the facts ma’am.

What do you value and how is it manifesting in your life and the business that you want to build?

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