Wantrepreneurs Worry About Market Saturation

Here’s the deal…anything that you are planning to do has already been done in some form or fashion.

How You Do It Matters – Uber is taxi service. Taxi services have been around since camels were the taxi. It’s essentially picking people up from one place and dropping them off to another place. Planes and buses do it too! What Uber did was change the way its done. How can you innovate in your field? Or should you? Explore the industries best practices and find a way to do it different. There’s something in the process that you could crush.

I Demand Choice – Your product or service gives me choice. What if I don’t want what “they” have? Think about toilet tissue and the brand you use. What if the other brand that you don’t use was the only one? That would get my panties in a bunch. Someone out there needs it done or delivered the way only YOU can do it.

This has held me back. Fact.

I wondered how I would impact people when there are other products or services out there already.

I really don’t want to poke open wounds but this is one worry that stems from lack of self confidence. You don’t belive in you enough.

Think about your favorite anything…barber, beautician, entrepreneur, author, speaker…..don’t let them fool you….they have the audacity and self confidence to believe they have an audience, customers, or clients.

How dare they believe they can make a difference in a market full of other (fill their talent in here)?

How dare you?

I dare you !!!!! 🙂

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