Wantrepreneurs Are Constantly In A FONK (Fear of Not Knowing)

Is this my ass or my elbow? That is the overall feeling I have right now trying to start a  blog then turn it into a business. I am also writing a couple of books as well….I think…gosh I’m confused. I don’t know what I’m doing.

BREAKING NEWS: Nobody knows what they are doing.

Wantrepreneurs give up out of frustration because they get overwhelmed.

The truth is that they actually get overwhelmed with what they think other entrepreneurs are doing or knowing.

Yes, they may know a little more than you in certain areas. However, I promise you that they are at some plateau having to figure out yet another concept to grow their business which is the same as where we are in our nonexistent or 0 -3-or-4 figure businesses.

I realized something the other day…I didn’t know what I was doing when I entered a relationship with my husband. No clue! I especially didn’t know what to do when I had my first child. Even now that I have 5 children, I still don’t really know what I am doing. Building anything is much like raising my children. At every stage of their lives, I am having to add to my bag of tricks based on gender, personality, interests, emotional makeup and whether or not they prefer mustard or ketchup on their hotdog. I grab at straws often being a parent.

I just show up every day. I keep at it. I deal with each situation as it comes and make the best decision with the most current knowledge that I have available. Thank God that I have 18 years to course correct.

That’s the key: Just keep showing up.

I know everything that I know… and 100% sure there is so much more that I don’t.

You might be thinking, “well you can’t just walk away from your family so that’s easy commitment!”  To that, I say, yes, I could. Technically, I could just not go back home. Plenty of people that I know have done just this thing. My father did it. He just resigned from his parenting job. Hilarious in hindsight.  I obligate myself to my family. I don’t HAVE to. I CHOOSE to.

Are you constantly abandoning your business ideas because you feel like you don’t know what to do?

Can you think of anything that you didn’t know how to do that you kept doing until you became an expert? Walking, talking, and drinking from a topless cup, and every grade level in school.

The first day of first grade was uncomfortable. The 100th day was probably awesome even if we didn’t notice. Furthermore, second grade was inconceivable on the first day of first grade…. until you were in third grade brushing second grade off of your shoulders…like a BOSS!!!!

There are levels to this shit!!!!

Building a business requires that you understand that you don’t know shit and neither does anyone else. We are all grabbing at straws at the level we are at, no matter what level that is. We all knew enough to get to where we are. Then, as if by divine design, its time to learn something else.

Remember that every one of us at every stage of business is trying to figure this thing out. The way to become a successful entrepreneur seems to be tied to continuing to show up even when things are not clear or easy to do.

Just keep coming back and when you arrive, say out loud if you must, “I’m overwhelmed.” Then, add, “…so is everyone else and winners commit to navigating through what they don’t know. And I’m a winner.”

It is okay to be overwhelmed and confused. It’s not okay to stop showing up.