Breaking Up With My Old Computer

Got a new computer. It’s about time, I guess. As tech savvy as I am, I find that technical shit is just draining. I have to get all my stuff from the old system to the new system. What makes this difficult is that I don’t want everything from my old laptop. This means that I have to go through everything to see what I want and don’t want. It’s pretty irritating to think about but I have a choice here…

*dump everything onto the new system and go through files later on and delete them…this might take one day.


*go through each file on my old system and decide if I want it on my new system, decide if I want it on my old system or should i delete it out of my life altogether. Eight years of documents, pics and music…this is going to be about a month.

Electrical tape holding some wires in and the TAB button incident of 2010. …I still have the button, just couldn’t get it back on 🙁


Google Searches done today: “how to move files from old laptop to new laptop” and “Windows Easy Transfer” Blah, blah,blah. I need a USB cable, or connect them on my network or something. I tried Dropbox but it’s like a 50 step process.

I’m happy but I feel like I am letting go of an old friend who did so much for me.

I bought her back in 2009. In computer years, she is a dinosaur. She is still sexy on the outside but not so much on the inside. She runs slow, she doesn’t charge anymore…I have to leave it plugged in, in order for it to stay on. Then, it gets so hot, it just shuts off. I mean, it does this loud fan situation and takes a little nap. It’s hard to get anything done.

A raggedy computer will affect your productivity.

Usually when my old laptop starts to freak out, and I am sure its about to shut off, I do one of two things: Close all programs, shut it down manually, and let it cool off OR I just walk away in frustration and it shuts itself off at some point.

Either way, I lose time and energy dealing with my old lady. Some days, I just end up not coming back to my office because I just don’t want to. I usually cash out on the creativity that I did have OR I try to get some writing and research done on my Iphone.

So, its just time to move on.

Before, I let her go, I do want to mention ALL that she has done for me…..4

  • I did 5 years of online college and earned two degrees
  • I’ve done training on just about ALL things entrepreneurial/blogging
  • I used it to get plenty of jobs
  • I used it to fax everything, all over the U.S. for myself and everyone in my family…(with the amount of faxes that I have sent with my Old Lady, I maybe single handedly put the United State Postal Service out of business…who needs a stamp when is so awesome!)
  • I’ve used it to manage my children’s school and activities
  • Etc, etc, etc

She has held me down. I don’t know how I could have done anything without her. So this is my tribute….to my Old Lady aka Tech BFF aka Partner in Success.