All Wantrepreneurs Are Not Eventual Entrepreneurs







Some of us just ain’t gon’ make it there. Not because the desire is that there.

The main reason is that for some of us, it’s not that urgent.

I studied Project Management in college. When creating a process or product, its customary to make a list. More than likely, this list is long and unrealistic. This list is everything that you want the end result to be. They are called requirements. When you are writing this list, you are listing what is “required” to satisfy your desired result.

After you make your ridiculous requirements list, it is then prioritized into “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves”. This means that some things on your list are not going to happen.

Must -haves are non-negotiable. In their absence, what is being created will lack quality or functionality that it needs. You are building a car….wheels will have a huge impact on the car moving from point A to point B.

Nice-to-haves are features and functions, that if you left them out, the final product will still perform satisfactorily. You are building a car…a DVD player won’t have any bearing on the car moving from point A to point B. It just would be nice to have should you have 5 children behind you 🙂

So now we get to the question…

Is an entrepreneurial path a “must-have” or a “nice-to-have” for you?

Most people that I know seem to have an ethereal connection to entrepreneurship.

It seems like a fantasy to them. So they treat it that way.

People bring ideas to me all the time. Although I have never had a successful business, most people know that I study entrepreneurship and small business.

They’ll come to me and say, “I have an idea”. Then they will go on to tell me what they are planning to do.

I throw in my two cents because I been around a few blocks and know a few things.

Then time passes…and nothing.

I secretly think that they want me to do all the research, set up websites, and run their social media. This I can do, but I won’t.


Because they aren’t serious and that’s their dream, not mine.

I digress.

They think that if they build it…customers will just come.

They think that they are going to build a successful business just to go sit on the beach somewhere.

They think that investors are going to just give them money.

They think they are going to be discovered.

They neglect most urgent issues in their personal lives, but they think they are going to build a business.

They just don’t want to work.

There’s more but I digress again.

It’s not romantic or ethereal but fantasies are.

The fantasy of entrepreneurship gets us all.

Some of us will continue to live in this fantasy because the thought of the thing is enough.

The rest of us will just get to work, keep working, keep showing up and do it all again tomorrow.

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