Is Your Business Idea Valuable?

All I know is that I am bursting at the seems with wanting to build an online business.

I am currently a contractor in IT Project Management. That is how I pay the bills. Being a contractor is  an “up and down” situation. Sometimes you are employed and sometimes you are not.

The truth is, whether I am working or not, I am dying to build an online business that I can support my family with.

So what’s happening now? I am in between contract assignments, money is running low and I am painfully drudging through job boards and interviews. It’s not the life I want.

I have ideas but I am not confident in any of it. I want to provide value but I don’t know if what I know is of any value. So I stop.

How do you know if what you have is of any value?

If you have an answer, let me know!



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