Breaking Up With My Old Computer

Got a new computer. It’s about time, I guess. As tech savvy as I am, I find that technical shit is just draining. I have to get all my stuff from the old system to the new system. What makes this difficult is that I don’t want everything from my old laptop. This means that I have to go through everything to see what I want and don’t want. It’s pretty irritating to think about but I have a choice here…

*dump everything onto the new system and go through files later on and delete them…this might take one day.


*go through each file on my old system and decide if I want it on my new system, decide if I want it on my old system or should i delete it out of my life altogether. Eight years of documents, pics and music…this is going to be about a month.

Electrical tape holding some wires in and the TAB button incident of 2010. …I still have the button, just couldn’t get it back on 🙁


Google Searches done today: “how to move files from old laptop to new laptop” and “Windows Easy Transfer” Blah, blah,blah. I need a USB cable, or connect them on my network or something. I tried Dropbox but it’s like a 50 step process.

I’m happy but I feel like I am letting go of an old friend who did so much for me.

I bought her back in 2009. In computer years, she is a dinosaur. She is still sexy on the outside but not so much on the inside. She runs slow, she doesn’t charge anymore…I have to leave it plugged in, in order for it to stay on. Then, it gets so hot, it just shuts off. I mean, it does this loud fan situation and takes a little nap. It’s hard to get anything done.

A raggedy computer will affect your productivity.

Usually when my old laptop starts to freak out, and I am sure its about to shut off, I do one of two things: Close all programs, shut it down manually, and let it cool off OR I just walk away in frustration and it shuts itself off at some point.

Either way, I lose time and energy dealing with my old lady. Some days, I just end up not coming back to my office because I just don’t want to. I usually cash out on the creativity that I did have OR I try to get some writing and research done on my Iphone.

So, its just time to move on.

Before, I let her go, I do want to mention ALL that she has done for me…..4

  • I did 5 years of online college and earned two degrees
  • I’ve done training on just about ALL things entrepreneurial/blogging
  • I used it to get plenty of jobs
  • I used it to fax everything, all over the U.S. for myself and everyone in my family…(with the amount of faxes that I have sent with my Old Lady, I maybe single handedly put the United State Postal Service out of business…who needs a stamp when is so awesome!)
  • I’ve used it to manage my children’s school and activities
  • Etc, etc, etc

She has held me down. I don’t know how I could have done anything without her. So this is my tribute….to my Old Lady aka Tech BFF aka Partner in Success.


Wantrepreneurs and Conflicting Values

First I would like to say that with wisdom and years of being a raggadey mess, I believe you can visually see what people value aka the “staples” of their value system.

People walk their walk…not their talk. Watch them. Watch yourself.

Look around your own life, what do you see? What do you do and how do you do it? Those are your values.

I know what I want to value….I just dont.

I want discipline to be of value to me….but I’m consistently operating in chaos.

I want self compassion and acceptance to be of value to me…but I find that choking the life out of the real me is what I ACTUALLY do…to the point of social awkwardness.

See how you think that you have certain values just because you want to have them….but you are living another set of values?

As you become more aware of what you do and how you are doing it (things you value the most), answer this…

What pisses you off?

I mean really grinds your noodle?!!!!!

Things that irritate and aggravate your existence naturally creates values for you.

For example, I hate it when someone is trying to feel me out…like watch me or position themselves so that I can see them…wants my attention but won’t conmand it.

Meaning that I value people who are straight shooters…they just come and say what they need or want.

To be fair though, my resting bitch face is vicious. I am in my head alot and people don’t know if they should snap me out of it….I get it. Plus, I have been trying to protect myself from everything, because I’ve always felt vulnerable…my face was my first line of defense, lol!!!!

So to honor my value, I have to tell my face that we’ve decided we are no longer always in “protect April” mode.

I’m a wantrepreneur, not for the lack of great ideas. I want to be an entrepreneur because I value autonomy. I want value the act of creating something from nothing. I want value controlling your own earning potential.

I must really  value the security of a “real” job. I must also believe in someone elses’ business goals more than my own because I work in their company. I must also value what they pay me.

What you VALUE is how you live your life today. If you don’t like your life, examine your values and see what’s really going on there. We generally spend time saying what sounds good and excited by ideals.

Just because you believe in something doesn’t mean its how you live your life. It may just be a beautiful thought or comfortable fantasy.

What if you told someone you aspire to be like, what you really did all day? You would have to cut the shit, eliminate excuses and just run a fact list, void of feelings and emotions because your feelings don’t matter in this context.

What have you done all day and who have you been today, not WHY, just the facts ma’am.

What do you value and how is it manifesting in your life and the business that you want to build?

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Wantrepreneurs Worry About Market Saturation

Here’s the deal…anything that you are planning to do has already been done in some form or fashion.

How You Do It Matters – Uber is taxi service. Taxi services have been around since camels were the taxi. It’s essentially picking people up from one place and dropping them off to another place. Planes and buses do it too! What Uber did was change the way its done. How can you innovate in your field? Or should you? Explore the industries best practices and find a way to do it different. There’s something in the process that you could crush.

I Demand Choice – Your product or service gives me choice. What if I don’t want what “they” have? Think about toilet tissue and the brand you use. What if the other brand that you don’t use was the only one? That would get my panties in a bunch. Someone out there needs it done or delivered the way only YOU can do it.

This has held me back. Fact.

I wondered how I would impact people when there are other products or services out there already.

I really don’t want to poke open wounds but this is one worry that stems from lack of self confidence. You don’t belive in you enough.

Think about your favorite anything…barber, beautician, entrepreneur, author, speaker…..don’t let them fool you….they have the audacity and self confidence to believe they have an audience, customers, or clients.

How dare they believe they can make a difference in a market full of other (fill their talent in here)?

How dare you?

I dare you !!!!! 🙂

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All Wantrepreneurs Are Not Eventual Entrepreneurs







Some of us just ain’t gon’ make it there. Not because the desire is that there.

The main reason is that for some of us, it’s not that urgent.

I studied Project Management in college. When creating a process or product, its customary to make a list. More than likely, this list is long and unrealistic. This list is everything that you want the end result to be. They are called requirements. When you are writing this list, you are listing what is “required” to satisfy your desired result.

After you make your ridiculous requirements list, it is then prioritized into “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves”. This means that some things on your list are not going to happen.

Must -haves are non-negotiable. In their absence, what is being created will lack quality or functionality that it needs. You are building a car….wheels will have a huge impact on the car moving from point A to point B.

Nice-to-haves are features and functions, that if you left them out, the final product will still perform satisfactorily. You are building a car…a DVD player won’t have any bearing on the car moving from point A to point B. It just would be nice to have should you have 5 children behind you 🙂

So now we get to the question…

Is an entrepreneurial path a “must-have” or a “nice-to-have” for you?

Most people that I know seem to have an ethereal connection to entrepreneurship.

It seems like a fantasy to them. So they treat it that way.

People bring ideas to me all the time. Although I have never had a successful business, most people know that I study entrepreneurship and small business.

They’ll come to me and say, “I have an idea”. Then they will go on to tell me what they are planning to do.

I throw in my two cents because I been around a few blocks and know a few things.

Then time passes…and nothing.

I secretly think that they want me to do all the research, set up websites, and run their social media. This I can do, but I won’t.


Because they aren’t serious and that’s their dream, not mine.

I digress.

They think that if they build it…customers will just come.

They think that they are going to build a successful business just to go sit on the beach somewhere.

They think that investors are going to just give them money.

They think they are going to be discovered.

They neglect most urgent issues in their personal lives, but they think they are going to build a business.

They just don’t want to work.

There’s more but I digress again.

It’s not romantic or ethereal but fantasies are.

The fantasy of entrepreneurship gets us all.

Some of us will continue to live in this fantasy because the thought of the thing is enough.

The rest of us will just get to work, keep working, keep showing up and do it all again tomorrow.

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What Got You Here Won’t Get You There…It’s True


I did a Google search on why I don’t do what I know I need to do.

What came up was Marshall Goldsmith and “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There”

I thought that was interesting because that is what I do.

I rely on my abilities that I had in the past to perpetuate or create success in entrepreneurship.

For instance, in the past, I had was very scrappy. Meaning, I had the confidence to know that I would figure shit out.

What does he mean that something like that would not help me in building a successful business?

Plainly put, and I quote from the book, “…imagine trying to tell someone so delusional that they are doing something wrong and they are going to need to change.”

I have been delusional.

The way that I did things before is not really contributing now. Why? Because when I said that I would “figure it out”, that was in my education where I have always been successfully and where everything was structured and CERTAIN. I knew what grade I needed to pass. So I did everything to make sure that grade was where it needed to be.

What is very different in entrepreneurship, the results are going to be uncertain so I find that “figuring it out” needs an addendum. Is there a way that I can create that certainty that I had in the past? Yes, of course.

The certainty won’t be in the results. It will more than likely be in what actions I expect myself to carry out consistently REGARDLESS of results.

Here’s what I also realized. That certainty that I could get that grade to move forward also drove me to do so. I knew the end of the story, I knew that it had a “happy” ending, so I would keep reading. It was a PAGE TURNER!!!!

It’s not the same as building a blog or business or creating a physical product. This is not a page turner. I would much rather stay on the page where it shows how great my plans are according to me, rather than put them out in the market and possibly get a big fat “F”.

Needless to say, if you and I don’t get a handle on what we need to be certain in this thing, we will not see success. The one thing that I see that I can hang my hat on is my willingness to show up, over and over and over. But will I, if there is no gold star or A++ to get?

Time will tell won’t it?