Romanticizing Business

And they lived happily ever after.
Actually, have you ever wondered what happened after Cinderella married the prince?

If you are married, then you have a pretty good idea. If you are not married or are in a long-term relationship, then lean in, come closer….marriage can be a shit show with good performances and some acts that clearly need to be taken out back and shot dead.

It can be romantic and fairytale like but reality will set in. Marriage requires consistent effort as does building a business.

And it’s not always romance that brings you from the brinks of ruin. It will come down to how hard you are willing to WORK.

So why do we romanticize building a business?

The same reason we romanticize being in love….we don’t want to deal with the yucky stuff. Similar to love, we think there is not supposed to be any yucky stuff. 

You can see it in your head…you set up your business and instantly, everyone loves you, trusts you and can’t wait to give you their money. Ideas to grow your business just come and they make you even more money. Even more, no one ever says anything bad about you on ANY social media site EVER!

All seamlessly and effortlessly.

And you live happily ever after.

Um, that’s just not realistic. It’s never happened to anyone ever.

To expect to go through perfectly unscathed is disrespectful to entrepreneurs who have battle scars, high credit card utilization, marriages surviving on a thin string, time missed with their children, lost money on investments, bags under their eyes, ideas that never took off, sleepless nights, loneliness, depression, anxiety and a few extra pounds…all to build a successful company. 

It’s disrespectful for you to not try because God forbid this doesn’t work, right?

You don’t get to keep running and hiding. You and I have to keep showing up. We keep showing up, working on our plans, taking hits and getting back up. That’s what successful entrepreneurs are doing and what we are not.

My personal story is wanting to find the right idea, that makes me want to nurture it. However, I need to want to nurture it, to see it through, to give it life and see what happens.

The only romance you are going to experience in love or business is the romance you create. The pleasure is in the doing and believing…in high and low times.

The best love stories are unrequited love anyway. You know, the ones when it’s a tough pursuit, where they have to fight some obstacle to be together?

There’s your romance, there’s your advice…

And never live happily ever after, stay thirsty.


What Pisses You Off? What Breaks Your Heart?

I heard Suzanne Evans ask her audience this during a live webinar.

Anyway, if you are looking for a passion, a purpose or whatever, these are great questions to build your foundation from. Succes

sful entrepreneurs like Gary Vee and Andy Frisella seemed pissed. If you follow them, they seem to have a chip. Some people cannot take them because they are very passionate (and compassionate) about how they live. Those are extreme examples of people who are pissed off by wantrepreneurs, scammers and “snowflakes” acting as if. Their platforms are built on this energy… this pissed-off-ness. 

Personally, I love them both because I like being punched in the mouth. I, too, am a puncher. My children don’t get advice from me that isn’t laced with a little, “no-excuses-take-responsibility-this-is-your-life-it-has-to-mean-something-to-you – I-can’t- live-for-you” Period. 

Of course, I am a mama bear. I will kill you if you try to hurt them. Know this. However, I don’t like whimpering, complaining, blaming and the thought of my kids being one of those kinds of adults that are 40 year old toddlers who can’t find their sippy cups.

What breaks your heart?

Some people’s ideas came straight from heartbreak. They saw suffering, a need to help, and a business was born. Lots of life coaches come from this place. To be honest, they are sometimes pissed and heartbroken but their driver is the fact that they want to bring you out of pain with hand-holding and emotional support.

Journal the questions: What pisses you off? What breaks your heart?

This will lead you to something that you are probably meant to be involved in.

You know what pisses me off and breaks my heart?

People who don’t even try. What pisses me off is that they give nothing to life, they are afraid of EVERYTHING and they usually live off of everyone around them and contribute nothing. The inflated sense of self really irritates me. Equally, it breaks my heart that I know, that they know, how useless they are to the people who need them.

They don’t know why they are here. They don’t know what to do, who to be, where to go or anything. They come from lack, poverty, addiction, situational depression….and they don’t change it….they just live with it. They don’t feel a need to defy odds, set new precedents, or straight up obliterate generational curses. Once again, equally heartbroken and pissed off.

Anyway, answer the questions in the comments. It’s just you and me…and I won’t tell anyone.